The river Indus is the life line of this district which is otherwise is a big desert. The Indus flows from north to south of the district  for 175 Kms. The TP (Taunsa Punjab) Link Canal provides  water Punjab Head- works which is supplied to the canals to irrigate Rahim Yar Khan . Some of the canals are perennial while the other are non perennial . The sub soil water is brackish. Therefore the drinking water is also supplied through these canals. There would be no life in Rahim Yar Khan without the Indus water. The society is illiterate and backward as rural areas. The women folk suffer most. They are treated as property and have no rights. The relationship system of watta- satta plays main rule

The District has a considerable industrial potential, Lever Brothers Limited, Leghari Beverages, RC Cola Factory, Hamza Sugar Mills, Machi Goth United Sugar Mills, JDW Suger Mill, Itehad Suger Mills, Rahim Yar Khan sugar Mills, Fauji Fertilizer Company, Ahmed Ghee Mills, cotton ginning factories and oil mills are functioning since long in this district. The establishment of these industrial units added labour problems to the already existing agrarian disputes but the overall situation remained under control through vigilance and timely intervention.

Owing to the feudal culture, most of the tribal disputes are decided or influenced by landlords/ tribal chiefs and, thus, writ of the criminal justice system is also affected.

The people of this district are generally religious minded and followers of different school of thought. The religious leaders exercise considerable influence over the people. The religious differences sometimes lead to law and order situation for the district administration. The activities of followers of banned Tehrik Jafaria Pakistan and Sipah-e- Sohaba are some what non existent. However, suspects/activists of such different organization are kept under surveillance and monitoring with the close liaison of sister intelligence agencies.

The National Highway (Karachi- Lahore- Peshawar) passes through the district over 160 Kms there remains a lot of rush of traffic on this national highway.  270 accident cases were reported during the year, as against 254 reported during the previous year. Similarly Railway Line with length of 164 Kms passes through the main stops at Liaquatpur, Khanpur, Rahim Yar Khan and Sadiqabad.

The District Police remained busy in combating crime and criminals throughout the year. The law and order situation improved a lot and remained under control. Despite various bottlenecks arising out of rapid population growth, industrialization, price hike, urbanization and other multifarious facts, the district police achieved fruitful result in the field of prevention and detection of crime, as well as in maintaining law and order situation, in the remit of this District.